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Conference initiative Partners

This year, we are proud to announce our Conference Initiative, the Disabled American Veterans or DAV.  All donations are made to the general fund, which is dispersed nationally for their programs. Programs include:

> VA Benefits – healthcare, disability, employment, and education
> Transitioning to Civilian Life
>Transportation – provides transportation for ill and injured veterans to appointments
> Employment & Entrepreneurship - career fairs, online connections, and other assistance with securing employment

Read their annual report on how their donation dollars are spent.

Every donation counts toward a potential prize! Donate now, or on the Conference at the Savannah Center, and you will receive a raffle ticket for a special drawing.


Give back to our service members! In addition to the DAV, we will also be taking donations the day of the conference for the USO, including personal hygiene products, pre-packaged snacks, or gift cards for their director to shop for food/products. Every little bit helps and if you donate to both, you will receive 2 raffle tickets for the Conference drawing.

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