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Alex Bowden | CEO / Consultant - PEOPLEfirst, Talent & Recruitment Consulting

How to Add Creativity & Customer Service BACK Into the Hiring Process
9:15 - 10:15a (Georgian III)

Alex BowdenAt a time when the fight for talent is at an all-time high, the level of candidate experience throughout the hiring process is at an all-time low. Companies are dragging employees through long and clunky hiring processes. They're "ghosting" them for months like a bad date! They're losing talent to competitors due to poor communication, wasted time, or either negative or non-existent employer branding.

In this session, we will learn to look at hiring through a different lens: The Customer.

We will explore the connection between each component of hiring and the immense impact it can have our organization's success. We will also walk through exercises that show us how simple changes can have a big and lasting impact on our ability to secure top talent...and spend less money in doing so! 

Learning Objectives:

To understand why it's important to change the lens through which we view candidates and the impact on our bottom line

To gain some actionable ideas on how to start making those changes

To brainstorm immediate next steps and the cost-to-hire/retention value it will have for your company 

About Alex Bowden

Founder/Consultant Alex Bowden, SHRM-CP, started her career as professional dancer after graduating with her Bachelor's from The Ohio State University. After some time, she required a career change and found herself struggling to identify what to do as a profession. Upon getting into HR she realized that she had found a new passion - working with people and businesses, helping them grow, and providing constant support of them achieving their personal and professional goals.

Alex had an extensive history of hiring/managing personnel and employee development through her work with various nonprofit organizations in Baltimore, MD and NYC. Upon working for pep in Cincinnati, she quickly grew their internal talent team, optimized their processes for reduced costs and increased efficiencies, and developed their Diversity and Inclusion programs-including building from the ground up 2 Employee Resource Groups. Alex worked with leaders and hiring managers at all levels to be more strategic in their hiring decisions and be trained on such things as unconscious bias in the hiring process. Alex developed a strategic employer branding campaign and elite candidate experience that continues on today. She left pep after almost 5 years to start her own business, allowing her more time with her young son and focusing on the elements of Talent she's most passionate about.

PEOPLEfirst is Alex's passion for helping others, come to life. Both hiring and job searching can feel overwhelming. PEOPLEfirst works with businesses and professionals to identify the root causes of hiring and retention issues, and to develop and implement strategic plans to drive success. We do so by understanding each and every individual we work with: their history, goals, challenges, desires, strengths, etc. We adapt our approach to the person or organization because we see every case as unique. PEOPLEfirst provides hands-on coaching and development, as well as HR support. We help our clients gain the power to achieve results, and we do it all with a smile.


Because we LOVE what we do.


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