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Gary Wise | Performance Productivity Strategist & Coach

Performance Support: Accelerating Productivity at Point-of-Work from ILT to Online Learning, and Many More
10:30 - 10:30a (Georgian II)

Training alone cannot drive performance – it contributes to POTENTIAL – that’s the root of our problem. We already excel within long-held training paradigms to deliver effective knowledge transfer; not wrong…just not enough! The business need for workforce productivity, meaning consistent performance at Point-of-Work – where performance represents the productivity end of a Learning Performance Continuum. In our current training paradigm Point-of-Work is out-of-scope, Traditional training needs assessments cannot inform” intentional design” frameworks like 5-Moments of Need or even 70:20:10, both of which enable convergence of learning with work. Point-of-Work and moments of need are also out-of-scope for existing LMS technology. We must change both our conversation and tactics because stakeholders have a blind-spot; expecting one thing from us – Training…and it’s not enough!

In this session you will learn cross-industry tactics and methods to identify and apply…

  • What conversations need to change and a proven tactic to succeed
  • A methodology to build seamless continuity across a Learning Performance Continuum from Point-of-Entry to Point-of-Work
  • Point-of-Work Assessment tactics to capture performance attributes across the Learning Performance Ecosystem
  • Technology implications critical to adopting a Point-of-Work solution discipline 
      About Gary Wise

      Gary is a Performance Productivity Strategist & Coach with performance consulting fueling his foundational discipline and perspectives. He is a 30+ year veteran of corporate L&D gigs and is happily now in remission as a free-range Point-of-Work consultant and coach. He is a survivor of several Performance Support system integrations and actively pursuing new coaching opportunities. He speaks regularly at many local and national events; is a long-time blogger; and advocate for changing things mired in outdated paradigms. He has been known as a bit of a radical with potential for recommending disruptive solutions that normally accompany shifting paradigms. He is approachable with challenges yet to be overcome!


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