Association of Talent Development - Greater Cincinnati Chapter

Glenn Sharp | President/CEO - Sharp Leadership Development

Performance Consulting and Strengthening the Bench (Table Talk)
11:45 - 12:15p; 12:30 - 1:00p (Georgian II)

Glenn SharpLearn the basic framework for an intact team performance consultation through finding barriers and root causes. Identify and dismantle challenges you may face along the way. Participate in a rousing discussion of what success looks like, with a fully functioning team, through strengthening the bench.


What is the hardest part of this process for the performance consultant?

What part do you think is most often ignored?

How do you quantify and qualify results? What does success look like?

Behavior Change Through the Leadership Development Journey (Sponsor Showcase)
1:05 - 1:25p (Georgian I)

Discover Show behavior change is achieved through changing the way participants think over time. Learn how one client is taking advantage of not just the Leadership Development workshops, but also one on one coaching and intact team events to maximize team performance.

    About Glenn Sharp

    Glenn Sharp has nearly 23 years of experience managing others. In addition, he has taught more than 15,000 management professionals and provided individual leadership coaching to countless managers as well. Glenn is also a full-time adjunct professor for UC in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business and recently received the 2019 Outstanding Adjunct Teaching in Management Award.

    Glenn's experience paired with his tenure as a training and development professional is a unique and valuable combination. He has a unique style of connecting with participants as he guides them through experiences designed to help them in topics such as culture-shaping, emotional intelligence, time management, change management, and more. Glenn is a Certified Master Trainer, Performance Consultant, and Change Management Professional among other certifications.


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