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Keynote Gregg Fraley

Introducing Gregg Fraley 
Gregg is a creativity and innovation author, trainer, and consultant.

Founder of GFi, Gregg Fraley has emerged as a leading speaker, trainer, and thought leader in innovation. He’s not just a theorist — he’s an entrepreneur who’s created value his entire career, and across the spectrum of start-ups to Fortune 100 organizations. If you want to learn advanced practice in innovation, or need assistance with an innovation project — this is the resource you’ve been searching for. MORE

His business novel, Jack’s Notebook, is a story-based primer for creative problem solving. As a facilitator, Gregg designs learning experiences that help people think differently. He’s going to talk about that today, specifically, the ideas of scaffolding and concept blends.

“Creativity, Concept Blends, and Scaffolding, … Helping others find fresh thinking”

As we assist others to learn, and create, there are two related thinking tools that are under-exposed and under-utilized, they are: 1.) Scaffolding and, 2.) Concept Blending. Scaffolding is helping learners discover by putting them in close mental proximity to the dots they need to connect. All good teachers and trainers use some form of Scaffolding. Being more aware of the concept, designing tools to deliberately scaffold and help talent explore, can improve the memorability and effectiveness of learning experiences. Concept Blending is a related idea. Sometimes known as Mash-Ups, combining abstract ideas, sometimes from unrelated domains, is at the heart of breakthrough learning and invention. Both of these tools require that trainers do more to engage across different learning modes. Gregg Fraley discusses and provides examples, and specific ideas of how to use these powerful thinking tools.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand educational scaffolding, why it’s important, and how it works
  • Learn tools and techniques to assist learners and creators in making fresh creative connections
  • Understand concept blends/mash-ups and how they can be designed into learning experiences

Session Breakout
“From Visioning to Action Plans, … an interactive walk through of the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving model”

Osborn-Parnes CPS, or simply “CPS” is a framework for structured creative problem solving, applicable to any complex challenge or opportunity. It starts with visioning and challenge exploration, next is problem framing, then moves into idea generation (aka Brainstorming), concept development, and finally action planning. CPS is widely used by professional facilitators and educators; it’s considered the precursor to Design Thinking, and shares many of the same principles. It was developed by academic Sid Parnes, who advanced the work of advertising maven Alex Osborn (who coined the term Brainstorming in his seminal book Applied Imagination.) In this fast-paced interactive session Gregg Fraley walks participants through a challenge of their choosing, while exposing them to the model and its associated thinking tools. This is model is “brainstorming” that is more effective for individual or group work than what is normally done.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the CPS Osborn-Parnes model for creative problem solving
  • Understand why brainstorming without challenge exploration first, typically fails
  • Learn some straight forward, stand-alone tools for visioning, problem framing, and ideation
  • Provide a generalized framework applicable to coping with complex challenges

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