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Kelly Young | Lead HR Business Partner, Humana Pharmacy Solutions

Using the "Escape Room" Concept in Corporate Learning
1:30 - 2:30p (Magnolia Hall)

Escape Rooms have popped up in cities across the US, but have you ever thought about designing one to address learning needs at work? In this session, you will get hands on experience seeing how one is used in a corporate environment, learn best practices for building a low cost, reusable solution, and think through scenarios within your workplace that might lend themselves well to this exciting learning methodology sure to engage your participants.

      About Kelly Young

      Kelly Young is the lead HR Business Partner for Humana Pharmacy Solutions. She is responsible for talent management, succession planning, and strategic HR support for approximately 5000 associates, supporting both professional roles as well as two large mail order pharmacies in West Chester, OH and Phoenix, AZ.

      During her tenure at Humana, she has served in a variety of roles- leading Workforce Development and an internal Career Services team, leading Leadership Development strategy for new and emerging leaders, as well as leading Humana's internal Learning Consortium (made up of 38 business unit Learning Groups and over 600 Learning and Training professionals across the organization). She has a passion for developing talent of individuals and creating pathways to career progression within organizations.

      In addition to her work at Humana, Kelly is also a member of the Advisory Board for the University of Louisville's Masters in Human Resources Development program. Prior to joining Humana, Kelly worked in learning and leadership roles at Eskanazi Health and Indiana University.

      Kelly has an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University, and an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Business from Indiana University Bloomington. She also earned her SPHR certification from the HR Certification Institute. In October 2012, Kelly was honored as one of Elliot Masie’s “30 Under 30” People to Watch.

      Kelly is an avid reader with a goal of reading 60 books this year. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. Kelly and her husband, Chris, reside in Indianapolis with their two children.


      How did you get started in your field?
      I have been working in the the L&D/HR Field for the past 13 years. When I started to change my plans from focusing on a career in Law, I had the opportunity to attend a “careers in Psychology” session at my University. One of the presenters worked in HR, and I really liked the things she was talking about- driving organizational change, how the law impacts HR, helping people optimize their contributions to their organizations and find purpose in work. From there, I sought out internships in HR. While it was a tough decision financially, I ended up taking an unpaid internship in HR with a large hospital system in the Indianapolis area after my Junior year of college. I worked three jobs that summer to support myself- but in the end, it was a great decision. The experience I gained there and the portfolio I built helped me land multiple full-time job offers in HR even before I graduated.

      What 3 words describe you best, personally or professionally?
      Learner, Feminist, Leader

      What did you want to be when you grew up? OR If you didn't do what you do now, what profession would you choose?
      I originally went to college with the idea that I’d like to complete Law School after Undergrad. I majored in Business, Criminal Justice, and Psychology. I thought I wanted to go into Law but learned that it wasn’t the right path for me. I come from a family of teachers- and am even married to an educator- but always swore I wouldn’t become one myself. Fast forward 13 years and I’ve spent a great deal of my career in Learning & Development. Today, I work as a HR Business Partner to a large Pharmacy business. If I weren’t in this profession, I think I’d be a therapist.

      What is a piece of advice you would share with emerging professionals?
      Look outside your own org for inspiration. Participate in twitter chats. Connect with others on Linked in. Find inspiration in apps you love, games you enjoy, pop culture.

      What is one of your greatest accomplishments?
      My kiddos - Carter and Paige - and keeping them alive for 6 and 8 years, respectively!

      What are you looking forward to the most at this year's conference?
      Meeting others, networking, and learning!

      What excites you most about the topic you will be sharing at the conference?
      I love the concept of escape/breakout rooms for corporate learning because it’s a way to get learners excited about content they wouldn’t normally gravitate to. I also love that the concept is one that can be implemented for relatively low cost and reused and repurposed.


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