Association of Talent Development - Greater Cincinnati Chapter

Maria Pappas | Instructional Designer

In Front of our Face(book)s: Using Social Media for Performance Support
10:30 - 10:30a (Georgian I)

Maria PappasIn this session, you will learn how to leverage social media to support performance. You'll learn how you can use Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to offer your workers easy-to-navigate performance aid.

About Maria Pappas

While achieving her undergraduate degree in telecommunications, Maria Pappas

dreamed of becoming the Greek Oprah. When her vision of radio and TV stardom faded, she turned her attention to instructional design. Little did she know that this new direction would lead her back toward her roots and ultimately help her to find her niche as a voice actor. Showing her versatility, Maria expertly narrates eLearning courses, marketing videos, audio books, and more. Her experience as an instructional designer, technical writer, and facilitator enables her to help shape scripts and conceptualize projects. When not in the studio, Maria manages the professional voice talent at Roundtable Learning and acts as a liaison between voice actors and Roundtable clients, all while narrating courses herself.


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