Association of Talent Development - Greater Cincinnati Chapter

Michelle Lund | Personal Coach

Managing the Emotions Associated with Change and the Adaptability Quotient
10:30 - 10:30a (Georgian III)

Michelle LundIn this session, we will discuss the emotions that accompany any change - voluntary or involuntary, perceived as positive or perceived as negative. We will also introduce and expound on the Adaptability Quotient -- what it is, how to measure it and actions that will improve an AQ score.

About Michelle Lund

Michelle Lund is a proven leader with over 15 years of leadership and talent development experience. She has enjoyed success in a variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, hospitality and gaming. She is passionate about the development of the team, individuals and driving corporate culture and financial success. She thrives in environments where she can leverage her entrepreneurial spirit and identify areas for efficiency optimization. Michelle is adept at organizational excellence, business development, and consideration of potential unintended outcomes and her strengths include excellent communication skills, T & D, strategy and business development. She is energized by facilitating success in others. Michelle launched her personal coaching business in 2017 after identifying that she found the greatest satisfaction in helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. She is a creative thinker, has the talent to share a vision, and makes data driven business decisions.

Having spent a number of years in the corporate world, Michelle is experienced in working with both public and private companies. She has worked with companies that have grown organically and through mergers and acquisitions -- providing her a unique perspective on how to maneuver through those challenges. She is a true change agent and transformational leader. She has received accolades attesting her ability to bring out the best in team members, encourage each one uniquely to realize their own potential. Michelle has a BS in Business Administration and a Master's in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She stays active in her community and enjoys being a lifelong learner.


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