Association of Talent Development - Greater Cincinnati Chapter

Pete Brown | Creative Director, Mindset Digital

Moving From Hype to Reality: Experiments with Microlearning

Learning Objectives

  • How & why we chose our mobile-first responsive technology/delivery platform
  • Instructional considerations for microlearning content
  • Mobile-first, responsive courseware designed for iOS, Android and the web
  • Detailed insights, automated progress reports and live activity feeds for all learners
  • Strategies for habit forming behavior change including incentives and gamification

About Pete Brown

Pete Brown
is creative director at Mindset Digital and has worked in film, television, newspapers, video games and corporate communications, learning at each stop new and different ways to tell stories across very different types of media. Pete sees every project as an invitation to create a unique and fascinating new world. On any given day, he can be found writing, editing, directing video shoots and VO sessions, working with graphic artists and audio/video pros, and interacting with clients to produce more effective digital stories.
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