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Volunteer Spotlight - Randi Sandlin

Featuring our GCATD Past President, Randi Sandlin. Randi has done it all including VP of Professional Development, VP of Communications, VP of Membership, Conference Chair and Chapter President. She is a passionate advocate for talent assessment and development and it shows in her consulting business, The HR Edge, LLC.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself

Although my initial college degree was in art education, my MBA in “Personnel and Industrial Relations” was the basis for the HR and OD positions I have held over the last 40 years. My career has included a number of exciting opportunities with public, private, big and small companies.

Q: Share details about your role

Over the last ten years I have been an independent consultant through my Talent Management company, The HR Edge, LLC. My experiences include all aspects of talent management, development planning, coaching and HR.

Q: What is it you enjoy most about being in a learning role

I am passionate about Talent Assessment and Development.

Q. Where is your ultimate vacation destination?

If I was rich – Tahiti. Then the Mediterranean coastline.

Q: Tell me about your involvement with GCATD.

Began working with ODN almost 20 years ago; and have been on the board of GCATD since we merged with ODN. I have been honored to have held every position on the board except the finance role.

Q: What advice would you give to others interested in volunteering?

Working with others on the GCATD committees and on the board has been invaluable. I have made great friends, have an instant pool of resources, and personally became a much better manager and leader.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

Playing with my grandkids is number one! Then I like spending time on the lake with my friends on my pontoon. I am also a movie, games and book lover.

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