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Sarah Leiker | School Development Coach, New Tech Network (NTN)

Agenda Design for Virtual Learning Spaces
1:30 - 2:30p (Georgian III)

Sarah LeikerTogether, we will explore and practice creating agendas for virtual learning spaces which engage participants in dialogue through active, social, and equitable learning practices.

About Sarah Leiker

 In her six years of School Development Coaching with New Tech Network (NTN), Sarah Leiker

has not only supported schools and districts in reimagining teaching and learning, but has supported the growth and development of site-based instructional coaches through NTN’s Coach Development Program (CDP). The bulk of Sarah’s support for these instructional coaches as well as her own coaching colleagues, occurs in a virtual learning environment, leaving her with a deeper understanding of the essential elements to support virtual learning in both one-on-one and team-based contexts. Sarah’s personal leadership purpose for inspiring and connecting with others through the sense of play certainly drives the way she shows up as a leader in both physical and virtual environments.

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What did you want to be when you grew up? OR If you didn't do what you do now, what profession would you choose?
When I was younger, I thought I was either going to be a comedian or a writer. While I still make myself laugh and enjoy some quiet time to sit down and write, it’s probably best that I just applied those skills into my work as an educator instead!! Needless to say, date nights with my husband still prioritize nights out at the comedy club or fast forwarding through the recent recording of America’s Got Talent to watch the comedy acts.

What is a piece of advice you would share with emerging professionals?
Know yourself well. Know your strengths, your passions, your areas of challenge. Remember that when you sit down in a job interview, you’re communicating who you are and how you show up in an organization. You might as well make that verbal and non-verbal communication happen as confidently as possible. And above all else, once you know you’ve found the right organization for you…do not conform to the person you THINK the organization wants you to be! They hired YOU for a reason…yes, the YOU that they saw/heard in the interview. Bring that best version of yourself into the work every single day. If someone offers you to join their team, you should trust that they not only see potential in you, but that they value the way you communicated a hope for shaping that team/organization.

What is a talent you have that is unrelated to the work you do?
I don’t want to brag, but I’m a PRETTY talented kitchen dance-party initiator. When I can get my 3yr old to finish the rest of his asparagus just so I’ll turn the music back on to dance with him…I feel like that’s all the evidence I need to know I have a gift.

Also, perhaps it’s more of a self-care thing than a talent, but I’m proud of the fit-full life I have formed and try to maintain for myself and my family. After 8 years with my CrossFit on the River family, it feels great to coach the adults at the gym and now watch that passion spread to their families by coaching CrossFit classes for kids as young as age 3. Perhaps the talent, or core value, that I hold which applies to that part of my life is creativity. After-all, you have to be PRETTY thoughtful to design 45min of structured physical activity for preschoolers... and yes, I do test them out with my son.


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