Association of Talent Development - Greater Cincinnati Chapter

Dustin Shell | Director of Innovation, TiER1 Performance Solutions 
Laura Hoppa | Principal Consultant, TiER1 Performance Solutions

New Tools for Performance Results: Designing the Employee Experience to Drive Success
1:30 - 2:30p (Georgian I)

Unlock the secrets of human behavior to activate your companies' strategies. Whether you are redesigning a role, transforming an entire operating model, or scaling your business, empathetically shaping the employee experience is key to achieving the results you seek. In this session, we'll unpack the science of influence, and show you how to leverage it to achieve results. In a series of quick, fun activities, you'll practice shaping your employee experience through moments of guiding your people in just the right ways to amplify performance. You'll leave here ready to free your performers to do their best work and reach their highest potential.

Both Dustin and Laura have led multiple client engagements at Fortune 500 organizations related to this topic.

About Dustin Shell

Dustin Shell
, Director of Innovation at TiER1, is passionate about people, learning, and technology (in that order). He loves combining these to help people do their best work and fulfill their personal and collective potential. Dustin loves pushing the limits of technology to help people and organizations grow and connect.  He has a strong background in multimedia production, eLearning authoring, instructional design, curriculum design, and learning strategy. Dustin has experience helping organizations scale their culture through onboarding, leadership development, and social intranets. Dustin is a published author and speaker on topics such as learning space design, scaffolding and motivation, designing online communities, and gamification.

About Laura Hoppa 

Laura Hoppa is a passionate driver of employee engagement and change management as she advises clients' communications efforts to support them in creating work-happy cultures. She's committed to fostering high-performing environments where it's easy and fun to serve others with excellence and it shows in her role as Principal Consultant at TiER1 Performance Solutions.


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