Table Talk Facilitators

Leading Change: An Exploration of the 8-Step Theory

Damien L. Butler

Damien L. Butler is the founder of Manifest One Empowerment Group, an organization for and about developing successful young leaders. Through a career of serving others Damien has gained valuable experience as a teacher, coach, leader and friend. MORE

Beth Conger

Unleashing Potential Through Purpose

Beth Conger

Beth Conger is a Certified Professional Leadership Coach empowering clients to reframe their thinking, refocus on what’s true and reveal the very best version of themselves. Beth couples 20+ years in internal and external brand design, employee experience and human insights at globally renowned companies, with her expert skillset of scientifically-based methodologies, intuition, tools and techniques. MORE

Angela Crawford

Building Leadership Communities as a Talent Strategy

Dr. Angela Crawford

Dr. Angela Crawford, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with Leadership Excelleration, has extensive experience in helping people and organizations grow. She is adept at working with individuals and teams, helping them reveal issues that impact their cohesiveness and productivity, while leveraging their strengths to achieve unprecedented results. MORE

Gail Games

Creating the Foundation for Culture Change

Gail Games

Gail Games is the Vice President of Training and Organizational Development for Holzer Health System. Gail began her career in healthcare over 30 years ago and has been a leader for over 25 years. MORE

Robin Rokisky

The Mastery of Mashups

Robin Rokisky

Robin Seaton Rokisky is a hands-on Organizational Change Consultant with over 30 years cross-industry experience and a pure unadulterated passion for helping individuals, teams and organizations perform successfully through change. Robin has consulted internationally with a variety of non-profit and for-profit organizations such as American Greetings, FujiFilm, Girl Scouts USA, Highlights for Children, and PNC Bank - to name a few. MORE

Aubrey K. Wiete, Talent Management Consultant for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

In it Together: Creating Impact and Connection

Aubrey K. Wiete

Aubrey K. Wiete wants to help build a world where innovative ideas, voracious appetites for trivia, and unencumbered naptime rule. As a Talent Management Consultant for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, she helps design and execute programs like performance management, coaching, and succession planning, among others. MORE

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