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Value Proposition


Are you trying to figure out how to ask your company to pay for you to go to the GCATD Conference? Or are you looking for a reason to spend an entire day at the GCATD conference? If so, here is some info about the value of the 2023 GCATD Conference to help.

Start with common ground to set the foundation...

Can we all agree on the following? The past few years have challenged all of us to think and behave differently both at work and home. Our work environments and how we communicate has changed significantly. Most of us have had to adapt or completely change what we do and how we do it to achieve the same goals.

Build another layer onto the foundation…

Learning from your peers would help you and your company move past the challenges of the past 18 months and begin to thrive again.

The ask…

Our theme this year is Break Through to Excellence and that's exactly what we plan to do. We listened to you and our committee is now making big changes for this year's conference. We hope you plan on joining us, but in the meantime...Don’t wait, save the date! As always, there will be engaging activities, interactive workshops, and time to connect in fruitful conversations. The goal is to help you move past the challenges of the past year and thrive in 2023 and beyond… And it’s only $189 for GCATD Members, $229 for guests (Includes 1-year GCATD Chapter membership! ). Interested in bringing your whole team? Unlike the Early Bird Discount, if you register 5 or more from your company, the price of $169 does not expire.

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Use our Chapter Incentive Program (CHiP) code CH3044 when you shop at the ATD Store. Even on your ATD Membership for a $30 savings when you join or renew with National ATD!

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