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May 8, 2018 Breakfast Meeting: Creating a Learning Culture in the Corporate World

Pictured left to right: Paaras Parker (84.51), Vicki Dalzelle (Phillips Edison & Company), Mary Tettenhorst, moderator, GCATD President Elect, Chris Eversole, GCATD VP of Professional Development, and Matthew Thomas (Messer Construction Co.).

Imagine work cultures where there are no yearly employee evaluations, employees take responsibility for their professional growth and development, and storytelling is a priority for management and employee engagement.

2019 GCATD President elect, Mary Tettenhorst, moderated, as panel members: Vicki Dalzelle (Phillips Edison & Company), Paaras Parker (84.51) and Matthew Thomas (Messer Construction Co.) provided their company’s perspectives and practices on learning and development on May 8, 2018 at Messer Construction Company. 

Even the concept of, “training and development,” is changing along with the HR role. As one panel member pointed out, past business practices involved viewing the HR role as punitive. Employees were “trained” to do better when their behaviors jeopardized employment.

Now, company and HR practices encourage: employee-driven performance management, Innovation Labs to promote learning and collaboration, leadership “coaching conversations” in lieu of formal evaluations, competency mapping, and employee-propelled initiative in gauging interactions and developing relationships through behavior and learning profiles.

For the represented companies, the days of the Mayer-Briggs personality tests have been replaced with leadership-focused Cornerstone at Messer Co., and behavioral-focused Herrmann Brain Dominance at 8431, and the DISC at Phillips Edison. Phillips Edison staff even has Intranet access to all DISC profiles that allows for better understanding of behaviors and best approaches when teaming or building teams.

During this wildly successful discussion, panels members were asked about their company’s future and challenges. “HR tends to look at the next cool thing but that always doesn’t lead to business,” replied Thomas. Sometimes the leadership pathway isn’t the best track for employees or the company. “Training doesn’t solve everything.”

GCATD members left with high enthusiasm for taking suggestions back to their own company or having increased confidence with their own changes with learning engagements. Thanks to our Corporate panel members for their perspectives and time. Special thanks to Messer Construction Co. for sharing their vibrant, new Court Street building with us.

March 27, 2018 Breakfast Meeting: Inspiring Dreams - Shifting to Culture of Caring

Mary Miller, CEO of JANCOA Janitorial Services, presented on Inspiring Dreams: Shifting to a Culture of Caring for our Breakfast Meeting on March 27. Mary shared her experiences of how she works to motivate and inspire her workforce by creating a “spark” of getting individuals to discover their dreams and work to make them a reality. This innovative approach is the focus of Matthew Kelly’s book The Dream Manager and Mary’s book Changing Direction: Ten Choices That Impact Your Dreams. Some of our participant feedback includes the following:

* Perfect timing. We are working on a similar initiative, so the content was perfect.

* Very helpful, good action steps and thoughtful points.

* Mary was excellent, very inspiring.

* Really enjoyed listening to her passion and picked up several meaningful quotes.

* This was a great presentation and could have used more time.

Want to learn more or have a refresher on the session? Members can review slides under the Member Only Resources under Members Perks after logging in.

January 17, 2018 Breakfast Meeting: Developing Boundary Spanning Leadership Skills

Imagine working at the Gaza Strip. Your mission is to break down boundaries by collaborately working with the opposition by bringing in the wounded to one main hospital. You might think to yourself, “Impossible!!” But that's one of the success stories that Dr. Donna Chrobot-Mason shared during her “Developing Boundary Spanning Leadership Skills,” presentation for the Greater Cincinnati Association on Training & Development on January 17, 2018. Fortunately, most of us do not face these types of life-or-death situations. However, we are frequently met with the interdependent challenges that can only be solved by groups working collaboratively together.

For businesses, governments, organizations and communities to solve current problems and realize new opportunities, leaders must think and act beyond current group boundaries and identities. Successful leaders in today’s fast-pace global work environment must develop the capacity to engage in boundary spanning leadership.

Dr. Donna Chrobot-Mason, Author of, Boundary Spanning Leadership: Six Practices for Solving Problems, Driving Innovation and Transforming Organizations, and Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Organizational Leadership at the University of Cincinnati (UC), provided practical ways for going from an “Us VS. Them” mentality to bridging understanding and cooperation through listening and sharing as we collectively build new horizons and visions. To bring practical situations closer to home, Dr. Chrobot-Mason shared ways that collegues on different floors went from total indifference to strong collaboration through a six-step system.

In addition to being an author and professional speaker, Dr. Donna Chrobot-Mason, a Senior Partner for RCSN, an executive recruiting and leadership consulting firm. Her focus is on leadership across differences and strategies for creating organizational practices, policies, and a climate that support diversity and foster intergroup collaboration. For more information, please visit: Her book can be purchased on Amazon.

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