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From the desk of the VP for Professional Development (March 2022) 

Hello fellow Talent and Development professionals.

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written. We have taken your input from the member survey, the webinar polls, and the December 2021 Employee Learning Week event to identify the topics that are of most interest to you. We’re looking for subject matter experts in the following areas:

  • Text learning (how to use texting to educate and train)
  • Knowledge base/knowledge transfer
  • AR/VR Learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Building community in a virtual world
  • How L & D fits into retention

John Carter, VP of Professional DevelopmentIf you are or know someone who is a SME in these areas, please reach out to me at

Thanks very much to the podcast team: Katie Schwieter, Dan Link, Greg Goold, and Elisha Hill for their work on the chapter’s podcast effort.

Podcast number 2 was just published and they are pressing ahead with more quality content. Thanks again to you all.

As we’ve said in previous newsletters, the Professional Development committee aims to develop resources for a community of practice where TD professionals can share ideas, connect with each other, and help solve problems.

There is now a GCATD discussion board on the website. Please check it out and I invite anyone to begin a discussion thread.

Our next project in this vein is to develop and publish on the chapter website a one-stop page of various L&D links. We hope you find it valuable to your professional development.

We think that providing value to our members is the single most significant thing we do at the Professional Development committee and we hope that our offerings are relevant. But another way to provide value is to connect you with other ATD chapters and TD resources, so we have some links of interest below.

Links of interest:

I have signed up to receive information on their offerings and have attended a few for free just as if I were one of their chapter members.

The Professional Development Committee meets over Zoom every second Tuesday of the month and I invite anyone (my contact info below) to come see how the PD committee rolls. We have a lot of fun.

We on the Professional Development Committee aim to be responsive to the interests of the chapter membership. If you have any comments about the Professional Development Committee or would like to volunteer, please reach out to me:

John Carter

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