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From the desk of the VP for Professional Development (May 2021) 

John Carter, VP of Professional Development

Hello fellow Talent and Development professionals.

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written.

Since my last newsletter we have finalized our 2021 theme: The big pivot: radically preparing for the new normal.

We based this theme on taking stock of what’s been happening in the TD world, especially since COVID-19 and all the changes it has wrought.

There are four elements to the theme, which are based on your input from the annual member survey and feedback from our professional development events. So here they are:

  1. Technology and Digital Productivity

  2. Shift in Ways to Generate Business Value (e.g. skill sets that people will have to learn)

  3. Innovation and creativity

  4. Changing workforce values and cultures

We have been intentionally trying to orient our monthly webinars to reflecting one of the four parts of the theme. For example, in February we had Amy Ashworth’s Five Languages of Appreciation at work, which reflects changing workforce values and cultures.

To continue that theme, in August, we plan to have a small panel of young professionals moderated by our own Nina Talley, Ph.D., to share with us how the younger generation views the workplace and the workforce.

In May, we are partnering with the Technology SIG to explore the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in talent development.

In June, we’ll learn about Relationship Intelligence, which is another way of saying Emotional Intelligence, reflecting both innovation and creativity and changing workforce values and cultures.

We’re also working on another event with Kelly Kolar to explore what the new normal will look like in the workplace.

Other items of note on the horizon is development of a few podcasts that may provide an opportunity to go deeper into our webinar topics and an effort to help a local non-profit with their talent development needs. Thanks to committee members Garlene Hamilton and Joe Spitzig for heading these efforts.

As we’ve said in previous newsletters, the Professional Development committee aims to develop resources for a community of practice where TD professionals can share ideas, connect with each other, and help solve problems.

There is now a GCATD discussion board in the Members Only Section of the website. Please check it out and I invite anyone to begin a discussion thread.

We think that providing value to our members is the single most significant thing we do at the Professional Development committee and we hope that our offerings are relevant. But another way to provide value is to connect you with other ATD chapters and TD resources, so we have some links of interest below.

Links of interest:

I have signed up to receive information on their offerings and have attended a few for free just as if I were one of their chapter members.

We say sad goodbyes to Marvin DeJean and Rochelle Thompson. They have been most valued contributors to this committee for quite a while. You can thank them for the quality of our strategic planning and programming. We will miss them very much.

On the other hand, big welcome to three new members: Joe Spitzig, Garlene Hamilton, and Susan Mantos. We are very happy to have you and appreciate the contributions you have already made in such as short time.

The Professional Development Committee meets over Zoom every second Tuesday of the month and I invite anyone (my contact info below) to come see how the PD committee rolls. We have a lot of fun.

We on the Professional Development Committee aim to be responsive to the interests of the chapter membership. If you have any comments about the Professional Development Committee or would like to volunteer, please reach out to me:

John Carter

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