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Upcoming Events

    • 27 Oct 2021
    • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Virtual

    What type of presenter are you? Are you a subject matter expert or are you a facilitator?

    We will review the Presenter Knowledge and Ability Matrix and look at the quadrants of content knowledge and applications of adult learning. Every training is different based on the topic and your comfort level with the subject. It is important to know yourself, where are your strengths and what weaknesses can we improve upon.

    Join us via Zoom to explore this topic. Convener: Leah Cridlin

    Further Reading: Presenter, Know Thyself - TD magazine, July 2021

    • 03 Nov 2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Laurel Sharp of Sharp Leadership Development shares her experience and best practices around technology for virtual learning sessions.

    Please join us to share some of your experiences with virtual learning and questions! Convener: Lisa Nicholson

    About the Speaker
    Laurel joined Sharp Leadership Development as the Chief Operating Officer in 2018 when she left her career as a Director of supply chain at a larger, international company.

    Laurel has more than 10 years of Project Management and Program Management experience. She has lead teams to exemplary results on varying sized capital projects. She has also counseled multiple executive teams on project process, overlap, timing, and flow.

    With nearly 10 years experience in corporate and store operations, she can connect personally and professionally with all levels of an organization. Laurel has a knack for developing relationships.

    • 04 Nov 2021
    • 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
    • Virtual

    Change Fatigue and Saturation can be so frustrating, not to mention the impact it has on our overall change outcomes! In this time of tremendous change, what if you could, not only better understand why change fatigue and saturation occurs, but also learn some actionable strategies you can put into place to help minimize these.

    What to Expect from this Interactive Workshop:

    1. Understand how traditional change management contributes to change fatigue and saturation
    2. Define a process for change sustainment & the data to combat change fatigue and saturation
    3. Gain learning and a tool to help!

    About the Speaker

    Michelle Yanahan is founder and principal of ChangeFit 360, an organizational change management training and consulting practice with a behavior-based focus. Michelle is a passionate organizational change management facilitator, strategist and thought leader with 18+ years proven leadership expertise in change development and execution, operations, PMO and IT.

    Michelle is a Certified Change Management Professional ( CCMP), Prosci ADKAR certified and holds a Masters in Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University. Michelle is a frequent presenter and contributor to multiple industry associations including ACMP, ATD, PMI and SHRM.

    • 05 Nov 2021
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Montgomery County Business Solutions Center | 1435 Cincinnati Street, Suite 300 | Dayton, OH 45417

    Dayton Group Breakfast Workshop: Building Your Job Search Strategy with Joseph Suarez, Independent Learning Experience DesignerWe are the “place to be” for Dayton area Training and Talent Development professionals that want to share ideas and best practices.

    • In this workshop you will refine your job search strategy away from applying to any job you may be qualified for to a more focused and intentional pursuit towards your ideal job.
    • Learn how to more effectively search job sites and keep track of key information from your applications.
    • Walk away prepared to update your resume and LinkedIn profile with keywords relevant to your ideal job.

    What is in it for you?

    • All of our workshops provide structured activities for participants to develop tools or techniques with help from local subject matter experts.
    • By attending one of our breakfast workshops, you will be able to immediately apply what you create to improve Training and Talent development within your organization.

    8:00 AM – 9:30 AM; Doors open at 7:45 AM with Networking available until 10:00 AM

    Continental Breakfast will be provided

    About the Speaker
    Joseph Suarez is an independent learning experience designer from Columbus, OH who specializes in eLearning development and media production. He also produces and hosts the Instructional Redesign podcast and eLearning Out Loud YouTube channel.

    Web | LinkedIn | Twitter | Podcast | Blog

    • 11 Nov 2021
    • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Virtual

    Topic TBA

    • 24 Nov 2021
    • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Virtual

    Topic TBA

    • 29 Dec 2021
    • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Virtual

    Topic TBA

    • 05 Oct 2022
    • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • TBD
    More details to come!

Past Events

06 Oct 2021 Conference: GCATD Learning Safari - Lessons from the Jungle
30 Sep 2021 Webinar: Workplace of the Future: Innovating for What’s Next
29 Sep 2021 Learning Leaders SIG: Book Discussion - It Doesn't Have to be Crazy at Work
21 Sep 2021 ***CANCELED***Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Future Readiness***CANCELED***
09 Sep 2021 Coaching SIG: Discussing your Favorite Tech Tool
02 Sep 2021 Webinar: Understanding & Applying Creativity to Meet Real Business Needs
01 Sep 2021 ***CANCELED*** Learning Technology SIG***CANCELED***
30 Jul 2021 Panel Discussion: Leadership Formation in the New Normal (whatever that means!)
08 Jul 2021 Coaching SIG: Understanding Copyright and Intellectual Property Law/Regulations
07 Jul 2021 Learning Technology SIG: Micro Learning
18 Jun 2021 Webinar: Results Through Relationship Intelligence (RQ)
17 Jun 2021 Virtual Open House
15 Jun 2021 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Data and Analytics
26 May 2021 Learning Leaders SIG: Brain Food Pot Luck
18 May 2021 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Change Management
13 May 2021 Coaching SIG: Develop Your Business LinkedIn Page to Boost Your Online Presence
05 May 2021 Learning Technology SIG: AI for Learning
30 Apr 2021 Webinar: Talent Development Professionals Community Hour
28 Apr 2021 Learning Leaders SIG: How to Deliver Training While Considering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
31 Mar 2021 Learning Leaders SIG: Implementing Fresh Ideas Into Your Leadership Training Program
26 Mar 2021 Webinar: Award-Winning Companies Share Their Success
16 Mar 2021 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Organizational Development and Culture
11 Mar 2021 Coaching SIG: Working your 2021 Business Plan (Part 2)
03 Mar 2021 Learning Technology SIG: Using Online Videos in Your Learning Programs
25 Feb 2021 Webinar: Languages of Appreciation at Work
24 Feb 2021 Learning Leaders SIG: Change Management
28 Jan 2021 Webinar: Talent Development Professionals Community Hour
27 Jan 2021 Learning Leaders SIG: Evaluating Learning Impact
19 Jan 2021 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Building Business Insight
14 Jan 2021 Coaching SIG: Working your 2021 Business Plan (Part 1)
10 Dec 2020 ATD Cincinnati Webcast: Unleash Your Potential with the ATD Talent Development Capability Model – Your Blueprint for Impact
09 Dec 2020 Learning Leaders SIG: Performance Management
19 Nov 2020 Workshop: Fundamentals of Human-Centered Design
12 Nov 2020 Coaching SIG: Building a Coaching Culture Within your Organization
04 Nov 2020 Learning Technology SIG: Exploring Learning Technologies to Level up Your Learning Experiences
28 Oct 2020 Learning Leaders SIG: How to Create a Highly Contagious Team
22 Oct 2020 Webinar: Learning Programs that Drive Business Impact
14 Oct 2020 Panel Discussion: Driving Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace
30 Sep 2020 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Employee Alignment and Engagement for Successful Organizations
30 Sep 2020 Learning Leaders SIG: "Contagious You" Summer Reading and Discussion
17 Sep 2020 Webinar: Ins and Out of Using Zoom
10 Sep 2020 Coaching SIG: Continuing Building Resilience with Coachees
02 Sep 2020 Learning Technology SIG: Designing for Modern Learning
20 Aug 2020 Webinar: Dispelling the Myth that Live Online Learning is not Effective
19 Aug 2020 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Explore Interactive Options to Convert to Virtual Training
16 Jul 2020 Webinar: Insights to Managing and Training a Virtual Workforce
09 Jul 2020 Coaching SIG: Building Resilience With Your Coachee
01 Jul 2020 Learning Technology SIG: Current Trends in L&D Technologies
17 Jun 2020 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Leading Teams Out of Lockdown
16 Jun 2020 Webinar: The Emerging Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Technology or “The New Normal”
27 May 2020 Learning Leaders SIG: Engaging the Newest Generation in the Workplace
20 May 2020 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Practical Change Management
14 May 2020 Coaching SIG: Best Practices and Building our Coaching Muscle
12 May 2020 Webinar: Getting The Most Out of LinkedIn
29 Apr 2020 Learning Leaders SIG: Company Culture
17 Apr 2020 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Innovation from Idleness
07 Apr 2020 Level 1 Virtual Gamification Certification
25 Mar 2020 Virtual Learning Leaders SIG: Skills Gap Analysis
18 Mar 2020 Virtual Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Getting Comfortable with Discomfort - Building Resilience
12 Mar 2020 Coaching SIG: Customization - and Many Applications for - 360° Evaluations
26 Feb 2020 Learning Leaders SIG: Optimizing Onboarding
19 Feb 2020 Virtual Workshop - Gamification for Talent Development: Deconstructing the Psychology of Games to Entice, Engage, and Encourage Learners
19 Feb 2020 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: How Maslow's Hierarchy Can be Applied to Organizational Development
29 Jan 2020 Learning Leaders SIG: Spaced Learning
09 Jan 2020 Coaching SIG: Build Your Network
18 Dec 2019 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: The Hyper Connected Workplace - Will Productivity Reign?
05 Dec 2019 GCATD Employee Learning Week Celebration and Networking Event
03 Dec 2019 Webinar: Redefining Leadership - Managing the System NOT the People
27 Nov 2019 Learning Leaders SIG: Workplace Superpower – The Human Connection!
22 Nov 2019 Workshop: Create Interactive Learning Experiences with E-Learning
20 Nov 2019 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: AI, Robotics, and Automation - Put Humans in the Loop
01 Nov 2019 Webinar: The Practicality of Wireless Virtual Reality in Training
30 Oct 2019 Learning Leaders SIG: Communication Breakdown - A Ghostly Tale
16 Oct 2019 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Well Being - A Strategy and a Responsibility
10 Oct 2019 Coaching SIG: Strategies to Grow Your Coaching Business
27 Sep 2019 2019 Conference: Power of Possibilities
18 Sep 2019 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Citizenship and Social Impact - Society Holds the Mirror
18 Sep 2019 CANCELLED***Learning Leaders SIG: Supercharge Your Team’s Trust***CANCELLED
12 Sep 2019 Coaching SIG: In Person Networking and Connecting Event
23 Aug 2019 Workshop: Bite-Sized Learning – How to Make it Work
20 Aug 2019 Get to Know Your Chapter Webinar
13 Aug 2019 Webinar: Personal Branding & Influence
08 Aug 2019 Coaching SIG: International Coach Federation (ICF) – Membership and the Value to you as a Coach
20 Jun 2019 GCATD Meet & Greet - FREE Networking Event
19 Jun 2019 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: The Longevity Divide: Work in the Era of 100-year Lives
13 Jun 2019 CANCELLED***Coaching SIG Happy Hour***CANCELLED
29 May 2019 Learning Leaders SIG: Trainer's Potluck - Ice Breakers, Favorite Learning Exercises, and more!
15 May 2019 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: From Careers to Experiences - New Pathways
24 Apr 2019 Learning Leaders SIG: Leading Remote Teams
24 Apr 2019 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: New Rewards; Personalized, Agile, and Holistic
11 Apr 2019 Coaching SIG: Business Planning for your Coaching Business
10 Apr 2019 Webinar: Know the Gap – Pinpoint Your Organization’s Skill Gaps with Organization-wide Skills Assessment
27 Mar 2019 Learning Leaders SIG: Creating Story-Driven Work Cultures
26 Mar 2019 Webinar: Science of Learning and Reinforcement
18 Mar 2019 GCATD Member Welcome Webinar
13 Mar 2019 CANCELLED***Organizational Development (OD) SIG: The Workforce Ecosystem - Managing Beyond the Enterprise***CANCELLED
28 Feb 2019 CANCELLED***Coaching SIG: Business Planning for your Coaching Business***CANCELLED
21 Feb 2019 CANCELLED***Learning Leaders SIG: "Yes, And" - How the Foundation of Improv Comedy Empowers Teams***CANCELLED
20 Feb 2019 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: The Symphonic C-Suite - Teams Leading Teams
15 Feb 2019 Workshop: Creating a One Stop Shop for Learning and Communication
30 Jan 2019 Learning Leaders SIG: Let's Talk About Onboarding Metrics
24 Jan 2019 Coaching SIG: Coaching Agreements/Contracts and Pricing
23 Jan 2019 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: The Rise of the Social Enterprise
19 Dec 2018 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Innovations Impact on Organizations
13 Dec 2018 No Permission Necessary: Demanding the Respect You Deserve
06 Dec 2018 GCATD Employee Learning Week Kick-off and Networking Event
29 Nov 2018 Coaching SIG: How do you “Close-out” Your Coaching Engagements?
28 Nov 2018 Learning Leaders SIG: Coping With Workplace Stressors
07 Nov 2018 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Master Class Writing Workshop with Cathy Fyock
31 Oct 2018 Learning Leaders SIG: Book Discussion for "The Speed of Trust" by Stephen M.R. Covey
26 Oct 2018 Workshop: Turn Your PowerPoints Into a Real Learning Experience
25 Oct 2018 Coaching SIG: Case Study Presentations
17 Oct 2018 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Reorganization
05 Oct 2018 Conference: Power of Possibilities - Ideas • Connections • Solutions
27 Sep 2018 Coaching SIG: The Coaching SIG is Disrupting our Traditional Meeting Format!
26 Sep 2018 Learning Leaders SIG: Book Discussion for "The Speed of Trust" by Stephen M.R. Covey
19 Sep 2018 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Leading Organizational Change
18 Sep 2018 Crack the Storytelling CODE: Use Stories to Increase Your Impact, Influence and Income
27 Jul 2018 Dayton Group Breakfast Meeting: Create Short, Easy, Cheap (But Effective) Learning Videos
20 Jun 2018 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Best Places to Work
30 May 2018 Learning Leaders SIG: Trainer's Potluck - Ice Breakers, Favorite Learning Exercises, and more!
11 May 2018 GCATD Member Webinar
10 May 2018 Coaching SIG: Coaching Individuals through Imposter Syndrome
30 Apr 2018 GCATD Networking and Volunteer Recognition Event
25 Apr 2018 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Driving ROI in the Age of the Modern Learner
25 Apr 2018 Learning Leaders SIG: Aligning L&D Content With Your Goals
18 Apr 2018 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Purpose Driven Leadership
12 Apr 2018 Coaching SIG: Coaching Clients to Their True Self (or perhaps, an acceptable self)
29 Mar 2018 What’s Your Story? How To Use Storytelling To Lead Strategic Change
28 Mar 2018 Learning Leaders SIG: Mindfulness in the Workplace, Featuring Guest Speaker, Mark Delmar Davis
21 Mar 2018 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Big Data Organizations
08 Mar 2018 Coaching SIG: How Do you Balance Marketing Your Coaching Practice and Actually Coaching?
28 Feb 2018 Learning Leaders SIG: Training ROI - Programs and Techniques
21 Feb 2018 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Informal Learning in Organizations
08 Feb 2018 Coaching SIG: How Do you Balance Marketing Your Coaching Practice and Actually Coaching?
31 Jan 2018 Learning Leaders SIG: What about Me?
11 Jan 2018 Coaching SIG: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe
20 Dec 2017 OD and Learning Leaders SIGs: Organizational IQ
01 Dec 2017 Consultants SIG: Year-in-Review Roundtable
29 Nov 2017 Learning Leaders SIG: Creating Mentoring Programs
15 Nov 2017 Lunch & Learn Webinar - Why ‘Simplification’ is a Core Capability for Leading Change
15 Nov 2017 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Cultural Transformations
09 Nov 2017 Coaching SIG: Discussion of the Harvard Business Review's Series on Emotional Intelligence
03 Nov 2017 Consultants SIG: Elevating Compassion in the Workplace
25 Oct 2017 Learning Leaders SIG: Creating Pathways and Development Opportunities for High Potentials
18 Oct 2017 **CANCELLED**Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Emotional Intelligence
12 Oct 2017 Coaching SIG: Sharing Best Practices
06 Oct 2017 GCATD Presents EPIC Innovations 2017
27 Sep 2017 Learning Leaders SIG: Sustainability in Learning & Development
26 Sep 2017 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Top Trends in Leadership Development
20 Sep 2017 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Creating a Culture of Innovation
14 Sep 2017 Coaching SIG: The Return of the Sizzler (ROI Topic)
08 Sep 2017 Dayton Group Breakfast Meeting: Leadership and the Happiness Advantage
01 Sep 2017 Consultants SIG: Intrinsic Motivators at Work
18 Aug 2017 Workshop: Multipliers - The Leadership Mindset that Unlocks Talent & Capability
10 Aug 2017 **CANCELLED**Coaching SIG: The Return of the Sizzler (ROI Topic)
13 Jul 2017 Coaching SIG: "Sum-mer"izing the Impact of Coaching
08 Jun 2017 Coaching SIG: Achieving a Positive Business Impact Starts With Coaching
02 Jun 2017 Dayton Group Breakfast Meeting: Create Icebreakers That Sizzle, Not Fizzle!
02 Jun 2017 Consultants SIG: Creating Positive Change with Appreciative Inquiry
31 May 2017 Learning Leaders SIG: Experiential Learning for Leadership Development
24 May 2017 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Appreciative Inquiry to Change
11 May 2017 Coaching SIG: Procrastination, Self Doubt, and Failure ...The Key to Success??
05 May 2017 Consultants SIG: Spirituality in Organizations
26 Apr 2017 Learning Leaders SIG: Tips for Culture Change
19 Apr 2017 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: The Art of Coaching
13 Apr 2017 Coaching SIG: Major Influences of a Coaching Practice
07 Apr 2017 Consultants SIG: Finding the Root of Client Concerns
29 Mar 2017 Learning Leaders SIG: Aligning Learning to Business Strategy
15 Mar 2017 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Internal Consultant
10 Mar 2017 Dayton Group Breakfast Meeting: Best Practices to Create a New Performance Measurement Tool
09 Mar 2017 Coaching SIG: Major Influences of a Coaching Practice
03 Mar 2017 Consultants SIG: Would the *Real* Client Please Stand Up!?!
22 Feb 2017 Learning Leaders SIG: My Biggest Challenge as a Learning Leader...
15 Feb 2017 Organizational Development (OD) SIG: Succession Planning
09 Feb 2017 Coaching SIG: The Major Influences of a Coaching Practice
03 Feb 2017 Consultants SIG: Do What You Love - Imagine, Commit, and Implement
25 Jan 2017 GCATD 2017 Kickoff Event
25 Jan 2017 Learning Leaders SIG: Learning Trends for 2017
12 Jan 2017 Coaching SIG: Going Wide Before Going Deep
06 Jan 2017 Consultants SIG: Envisioning a Coach and Consultant Directory
28 Dec 2016 Learning Leaders SIG: Learning Motivation
09 Dec 2016 Dayton Group Breakfast Meeting: Create an Online Training Guide
08 Dec 2016 Coaching SIG: Coaching Employees, 5 Coaching Power Words
07 Dec 2016 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Harnessing Your Accomplishments
02 Dec 2016 Consultants SIG: Lessons Learned – Musings About the Consulting Journey
30 Nov 2016 Learning Leaders SIG: Generations
10 Nov 2016 Coaching SIG: Coaching vs Mentoring vs Consulting
09 Nov 2016 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Virtual E-Volution -- Transform the Way You Educate
04 Nov 2016 Consultants SIG: Keeping up with Technology – What Tools Help Drive a Consulting Business?
26 Oct 2016 Learning Leaders SIG: The Pearls & Perils of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) - A New Way to Learn
14 Oct 2016 GCATD Presents Epic Innovations
13 Oct 2016 Coaching SIG: Success Stories and Challenges While Coaching Clients
07 Oct 2016 Consultants SIG: Team Building -- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
28 Sep 2016 Learning Leaders SIG: How Trust Works from "The Moral Molecule" by Paul Zak
22 Sep 2016 Coaching SIG: 101 Questions a Coach Can Ask to Draw Out Client Responses
09 Sep 2016 Dayton Group Breakfast Meeting: Get Started With Engaging E-Learning on a Startup Budget
02 Sep 2016 Consultants SIG: Collaboration -- Considerations for Working with Other Consultants on a Project
14 Jul 2016 Coaching SIG: Best Practices and Coaching Advice
23 Jun 2016 Coaching SIG: Sharing Challenges and Best Practices
15 Jun 2016 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Shades of Instructional Design
03 Jun 2016 Consultants SIG: Commoditization -- How Do We Add Value?
26 May 2016 Coaching SIG: Understanding Conflict and Conflict Styles - How to Utilize them in your Coaching Practice
25 May 2016 Learning Leaders SIG: Competency-Based Program Development
19 May 2016 FREE ATD-ICE Innovation Session Preview Webinar - Members Only
06 May 2016 Consultants SIG: I Don’t Have Exactly What They Need. What Now?
28 Apr 2016 Coaching SIG: Sharing Challenges and Best Practices
27 Apr 2016 Learning Leaders SIG: Designing Experiential Learning
20 Apr 2016 Dick Handshaw Workshop: Asking Powerful Questions
30 Mar 2016 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Ready, Shoot, Aim...The Importance of Organizational Diagnosis
30 Mar 2016 Learning Leaders SIG: Facilitation Best Practices ‘Pot-Luck’
24 Mar 2016 Coaching SIG: What Do You Do With “Anger Management” Clients?
17 Mar 2016 Organizational Effectiveness Lecture Series: Authentic Leadership and Employee Engagement
11 Mar 2016 Dayton Group Breakfast Meeting: Learn How to Positively Impact the Culture of Your Organization
25 Feb 2016 Coaching SIG: What is the Relationship Between Neuro-Learning and Coaching Clients?
16 Feb 2016 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Change Management -- How to Effectively Drive Change in Today's Workforce
05 Feb 2016 Consultants SIG: The Learning Industry is Changing -- What Do I Need to Change?
28 Jan 2016 Coaching SIG: Making Change Stick with Elise Foster
27 Jan 2016 Learning Leaders SIG: Key Training Trends to Watch for 2016
21 Jan 2016 Workshop: The Secret to Achieving Fast and Lasting Results in Whatever Change Work You Are Doing
30 Dec 2015 Learning Leaders SIG: The Modern Learner
17 Dec 2015 Coaching SIG: Coaching Through Difficult Conversation
19 Nov 2015 Coaching Forum: Strategy Meeting & Welcome New Convener, Laurie Althaus!
18 Nov 2015 Learning Leaders Forum: Performance Management Practices and Trends
06 Nov 2015 Consultants Forum: Consulting Models
28 Oct 2015 Learning Leaders Forum: Performance Support - The Future of L&D?
15 Oct 2015 Organizational Development (OD) Forum: TALES FROM THE FRONT – Internal and External Client Experiences
09 Oct 2015 2015 GCATD Fall Conference: Learning in Action -- Supersize your Toolbox
02 Oct 2015 Consultants Forum: Using Multi-media in Consulting Work
30 Sep 2015 Learning Leaders Forum: Microlearning -- Learning Effectiveness in Bite-sized Learning Nuggets
24 Sep 2015 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Executive Presentation Skills - Getting your Recommendations...Approved!
17 Sep 2015 Organizational Development (OD) Forum: Getting Organizational Redesign Right
04 Sep 2015 Consultants Forum: Book Sharing
10 Aug 2015 Writers Forum: Self-Publishing Your Work
16 Jul 2015 Organizational Development (OD) Forum: Create a GCATD Member Database
14 Jul 2015 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Curriculum Planning and Design -- A Key to Closing Skill Gaps
30 Jun 2015 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Virtual Learning Environments Debunked & Defined
25 Jun 2015 Organizational Development (OD) Forum: OD Tools I love
08 Jun 2015 Writers Forum Meeting and Quarterly Retreat
05 Jun 2015 Consultants Forum: The Ladder of Inference
27 May 2015 Learning Leaders Forum: Training Evaluation -- Is ROI the Holy Grail?
21 May 2015 Organizational Development (OD) Forum: Resilience at Work
14 May 2015 Coaching Forum
11 May 2015 Writers Forum: Critiquing Each Others’ Work, Submit Your Work For Critique
01 May 2015 Consultants Forum: Difficult Conversations
29 Apr 2015 Learning Leaders Forum: The Intersection of Neuroscience and Learning – PART 2, with Jennifer Pope Moore
16 Apr 2015 Organizational Development (OD) Forum: Vulnerability
13 Apr 2015 Writers Forum: Book Discussion - "Damn! Why Didn't I Write That?" by Marc McCutcheon
09 Apr 2015 Coaching Forum: Career Transition Coaching
03 Apr 2015 Consultants Forum: The Consulting Process
26 Mar 2015 Organizational Effectiveness Lecture Series: Building a Bridge Across Generations
25 Mar 2015 Learning Leaders Forum: 70:20:10 A Model NOT a Recipe!
12 Mar 2015 Coaching Forum: Performance Development Through Coaching
09 Mar 2015 Writers Forum Meeting and Quarterly Retreat
06 Mar 2015 Consultants Forum: Solving (Your) Problems
25 Feb 2015 Learning Leaders Forum: The Intersection of Neuroscience and Learning
19 Feb 2015 Organizational Development (OD) Forum: Employee Engagement
12 Feb 2015 Coaching Forum: Expectations of a Coach
09 Feb 2015 Writers Forum: Stumbling Blocks and How to Overcome Them
06 Feb 2015 Consultants Forum: Solving (Your) Problems
28 Jan 2015 Learning Leaders Forum: Key Trends Transforming the Training Industry
09 Jan 2015 Consultants Forum: Solving (Your) Problems
08 Jan 2015 Coaching Forum
17 Dec 2014 Learning Leaders Forum: Trust as a Competency
16 Dec 2014 Organizational Development (OD) Forum: Bring an OD Tool
11 Dec 2014 Coaching Forum: Moving Your Book from Brain to Bookshelf
08 Dec 2014 Writers Forum Meeting and Quarterly Retreat
05 Dec 2014 Consultants Forum: Killer Presentations -- the TED Talk Formula
03 Dec 2014 Chapter Virtual Meeting: From Concept to Concrete -- Six Factors in Mobile Design
19 Nov 2014 Organizational Development (OD) Forum
19 Nov 2014 Learning Leaders Forum: Leadership Development
13 Nov 2014 Coaching Forum: Executive Coaching
10 Nov 2014 Writers Forum: Self Publishing -- How to Write, Market, and Sell Your Self-Published Works
07 Nov 2014 Consultants Forum: Cohort Learning
29 Oct 2014 Learning Leaders Forum: Gamification with Dustin Shell
17 Oct 2014 2014 GCASTD Fall Conference
13 Oct 2014 Writers Forum: How We Write Stories that Engage Learning and Development
09 Oct 2014 Coaching Forum: Coaching Through Transitions
02 Oct 2014 eLearning (eLF) Forum: Rapid Authoring
24 Sep 2014 Learning Leaders Forum: The Art of Creativity
19 Sep 2014 Dayton Group Breakfast Meeting: Design Active Learning Programs with Your Elite Subject Matter Experts
11 Sep 2014 Coaching Forum: Team Coaching Techniques
08 Sep 2014 Writers Forum Meeting and Quarterly Retreat
05 Sep 2014 Consultants Forum: Mobile Learning
13 Aug 2014 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Building a Succession Process that Works
11 Aug 2014 Writers Forum: How to Turn Your Workshops into Workbooks and Where to Publish Them
01 Aug 2014 Consultants Forum: Informal Learning
29 Jul 2014 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Working Successfully with Gen Y and Millennials
17 Jul 2014 Coaching Forum: Mastermind Model
14 Jul 2014 Writers Forum: What’s Your Story and Who Cares? The Secret to Writing Stronger Articles, Cases, Vignettes
17 Jun 2014 Social/Networking Event: Engaging the Next Generation in Talent Development and in GCASTD
12 Jun 2014 Coaching Forum: Interact Effectively -- Types of Work Model
09 Jun 2014 Writers Forum Meeting and Quarterly Retreat
06 Jun 2014 Consultants Forum: Social Media -- The Changing Landscape
05 Jun 2014 eLearning (eLF) Forum: What Tools do you Recommend?
28 May 2014 Dayton Group Breakfast Meeting: Create Real Hands-On Learning
28 May 2014 Learning Leaders Forum: Informal Learning Strategies
15 May 2014 Coaching Forum: Professional Development for Coaches
12 May 2014 Writers Forum: Who Is Your Audience?
08 May 2014 eLearning (eLF) Forum: eLearning Development for Small Businesses With Limited Budgets
07 May 2014 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Using Your Brain to get the Results you Want
02 May 2014 Consultants Forum: How to Use Adult Learning For Any Type of Communication
30 Apr 2014 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Game Changing Technology Trends in Learning & Development
30 Apr 2014 Learning Leaders Forum: Measuring Program Impact
14 Apr 2014 Writers Forum: How Can Articles Advance Your Writing?
10 Apr 2014 Coaching Forum: Great Competencies = Great Results
04 Apr 2014 Consultants Forum: How to Recognize Internal and External Business Opportunities
03 Apr 2014 Organizational Effectiveness Lecture Series (OELS): Appreciative Inquiry -- How to Create Positive Organizational Change
02 Apr 2014 eLearning (eLF) Forum: Bite-Sized Learning - What is it?
26 Mar 2014 Learning Leaders Forum: Establishing a Culture of Learning
13 Mar 2014 Coaching Forum: Two Crucial Models for Helping Clients Solve Problems and Achieve Desired Outcomes
10 Mar 2014 Writers Forum - Meeting & Quarterly Retreat
07 Mar 2014 Consultants Forum: The Customer Mindset -- An Exercise
05 Mar 2014 eLearning (eLF) Forum: Using Video-Based and/or Game-Based Design
27 Feb 2014 Organizational Development (OD) Forum: Entrepreneurship in the Workplace
26 Feb 2014 Learning Leaders Forum: Learning and Motivation
17 Feb 2014 Writers Forum: INFOGRAPHICS for Writers
13 Feb 2014 Coaching Forum: Managing Tomorrow’s Talent -- Practical Approaches to Coaching the Emerging Generation
07 Feb 2014 Consultants Forum: “Now, Where Did I See that Article?” - Organizing and Keeping Track of Stuff
05 Feb 2014 eLearning (eLF) Forum: Using Scenario and Narrative Style in Instructional Design
29 Jan 2014 Learning Leaders Forum: Key Trends for 2014
16 Jan 2014 Coaching Forum: Friend Vs. Coach
13 Jan 2014 Writers Forum: Marketing Your Writing to Readers and Buyers
08 Jan 2014 eLearning (eLF) Forum: Your Most Exciting or Fun Project
03 Jan 2014 Consultants Forum: Technology for the Consultant
18 Dec 2013 Learning Leaders Forum: Compliance Training – How Do We Make Them Want to be There?
13 Dec 2013 Consultants Forum: Networking vs. Branding
12 Dec 2013 Coaching Forum: Using Celebration as an Effective Coaching Tool
20 Nov 2013 Learning Leaders Forum: Working with SMEs
14 Nov 2013 Coaching Forum: Gratitude in the Coaching Engagement
01 Nov 2013 Consultants Forum: Elevator Pitch Show & Tell -- Peer Review and Coaching
23 Oct 2013 Learning Leaders Forum: Learner Engagement Strategies
11 Oct 2013 2013 GCASTD Fall Conference
25 Sep 2013 Learning Leaders Forum: Introductory Meeting with New Conveners, Beth Robinson and Kim Elliott!
17 Sep 2013 By Invitation Only: GCASTD Happy Hour
28 Aug 2013 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go
26 Jun 2013 Learning Leaders Forum: Snapshots -- Training and Development
22 May 2013 Learning Leaders Forum: Tracking our Training -- Viewpoints and Uses of Learning Management Systems
15 May 2013 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Introduction to Critical Thinking
09 May 2013 Coaching Forum: Social Media and Coaching
17 Apr 2013 Workshop: The Leadership Pledge--5 Disciplines for Leadership Transformation with Pete Luongo
11 Apr 2013 Coaching Forum: Case Study Presented by Pam Nintrup, Coach and GCASTD President
27 Mar 2013 Learning Leaders Forum: Best Practices in Getting Training to “Stick!”
13 Mar 2013 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Measuring Strategic, Visible, and Costly Learning Programs
11 Mar 2013 Writers Forum Meeting and Quarterly Retreat
08 Mar 2013 Career Development Forum
01 Mar 2013 Consultants Forum: Setting and Managing Expectations--The Contracting Process
28 Feb 2013 Organizational Development (OD) Forum: Team Building
27 Feb 2013 Learning Leaders Forum: Best Tools of the Trade for Learning and Development
13 Feb 2013 eLearning (eLF) Forum: How Do You use Games in eLearning?
11 Feb 2013 Writers Forum: How to Write an Attention-Getting Synopsis
31 Jan 2013 Organizational Development (OD) Forum: The LifeLaunch Model
23 Jan 2013 Learning Leaders Forum: How do you Retain your Best Employees?
22 Jan 2013 Workshop: Building the Training and Consulting Business You Desire with Kevin Eikenberry
14 Jan 2013 Writers Forum: How to Structure Your Writing--the Outlining, Drafting, and Polishing
11 Jan 2013 Career Development Forum
04 Jan 2013 Consultants Forum: Trends in Training
28 Nov 2012 Learning Leaders Forum: Book Discussion--"Know, Can Do" by Ken Blanchard
09 Nov 2012 Career Development Forum
02 Nov 2012 Consultants Forum: Assessments--Why Use Them? Which Ones Work for Which Purposes?
31 Oct 2012 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Mergers & Acquisitions--From a Corporate Learning and Development Perspective
24 Oct 2012 Learning Leaders Forum: Managing the Learning Function of the CPLP® Pyramid
12 Oct 2012 2012 Fall GCASTD Conference: Hands on Training & Tech
26 Sep 2012 Learning Leaders Forum: Exploration and Application of the CPLP® Credential
14 Sep 2012 Career Development Forum
12 Sep 2012 eLearning (eLF) Forum: Is Virtual Learning More Engaging Than a Classroom?
13 Aug 2012 Writers Forum: How to Write and Publish Your Book with Lisa Kappesser
08 Aug 2012 eLearning (eLF) Forum: Mobile Learning Continued
25 Jul 2012 Learning Leaders Forum: Measuring Up!
18 Jul 2012 Social Media Forum: Basics of LinkedIn
20 Jun 2012 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Tips and Tricks for Using LinkedIn
19 Jun 2012 GCASTD Spring Social & Wine Tasting
13 Jun 2012 eLearning (eLF) Forum: Best Practices / Issues for Mobile Learning
18 May 2012 Career Development Forum
16 May 2012 Social Media Forum: Developing a Social Media Strategy
01 May 2012 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Developing a Social Media Strategy
25 Apr 2012 Learning Leaders Forum: Supporting Organizational Change as Learning Leaders
11 Apr 2012 eLearning (eLF) Forum: Exercise Your Creativity Boot Camp
28 Mar 2012 Learning Leaders Forum: Evaluating Training ... how do we know it hit the mark?
16 Mar 2012 Career Development Forum
08 Mar 2012 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Yawn Proof Your eLearning!
22 Feb 2012 Learning Leaders Forum: What's Next?
16 Nov 2011 Learning Leaders Forum - TRAINING IS THE ANSWER!!! (Except when it isn’t…..)
14 Nov 2011 Writers Forum - Book Review: Scene and Structure by Jack M. Bickham
11 Nov 2011 Career Development Forum
19 Oct 2011 Learning Leaders Forum - Help Needed: Conflict in our Organization
07 Oct 2011 2011 Fall GCASTD Conference: Connect. Contribute. Collaborate
22 Sep 2011 GCASTD Pub Social
21 Sep 2011 Learning Leaders Forum - Favorite Assessments and How I Use Them
02 Sep 2011 Consultants Forum - Fall Book Discussion: Gold Mining--Forum Member Favorites
17 Aug 2011 Learning Leaders Forum
20 Jul 2011 Learning Leaders Forum
01 Jul 2011 Consultants Forum - Another Look at Learning: Formal, Informal, Live, Virtual, Blended—Oh My!
21 Jun 2011 Open Space Meeting and Chapter Picnic
16 Jun 2011 Coaching Forum - Internal Coaching Cases And Questions: An Open Discussion
15 Jun 2011 Learning Leaders Forum - Employee Engagement
13 Jun 2011 Writers Forum - Meeting & Quarterly Retreat with Publishing Coach Bob Sanders
18 May 2011 Learning Leaders Forum - What is Strategic Thinking and can it actually be developed?
06 May 2011 Consultants Forum - Mastering the Selling Process in Today's Changing World with Special Guest Bob Riess
05 May 2011 GCASTD Pub Social
20 Apr 2011 Learning Leaders Forum - Developing Leadership Competencies

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