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GCATD Podcast - Elevate L&D

Join GCATD for conversations with Greater Cincinnati's learning and development leaders!

Episode 10: Succession Planning: Keeping Top Talent

In this episode, we’ll discuss the basics of succession planning. How does a succession plan help organizations maintain continuity if an employee leaves a key role? Our host Greg Goold talks with Beth O’Keefe, Head of Regional Talent Management and Development for Munich RE, and Terri Helsel, Director of Human Resources for Multi Color Corporation. They will discuss why both large and small organizations should have succession plans in place, and how to identify, develop, and retain individuals in the succession pipeline.

Episode 9: Hiring Gen Z: A Gen Zer’s Perspective

In this episode, we’ll discuss recruiting and hiring the newest members of the workforce: Gen Z. What makes an employer attractive to Gen Z? What can employers be doing to engage students, build relationships, and share potential opportunities?

Our host Dan Link talks with Alex Feller, a 2022 Xavier University graduate, and Financial Analyst at Amazon. They will discuss the pressures of navigating the job market after college, how companies can make the hiring experience more positive for Gen Z recruits, and the most popular places Gen Z looks for jobs.

Episode 8:  The Art of Integrating DEI and Leadership Development

In this episode, we’ll uncover ways to integrate Diversity Equity & Inclusion into leadership development. What mindsets and skill sets do leaders need to adopt and practice? What are some ways to hold leaders accountable for creating an inclusive environment on their teams?

Our host Elisha Hill, Director of Leadership Development at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, talks with Dr. Jamie Dinwiddie, Leadership Development Program Manager at Charter Communications. They will discuss ways for L&D practitioners to embed DEI into leadership competency models, and create a bias for action and accountability among leaders.

Episode 7:  How L&D Helps Managers Develop Their Employees

In this episode, we’ll explore ways that L&D can help managers develop their employees. How does employee development affect retention? How can managers use development conversations to address bigger-picture issues like skill and talent shortage, and helping companies remain competitive?

Our host, Greg Goold, Founder and Principal Consultant at Arrow Talent Development, talks with Dan Link, Director of Talent Development at Senneca Holdings, and Scott Conklin, Senior Vice President and Head of People at NTT Data. They will discuss ways that managers can use L&D principles to build trust and empathy, and help align business objectives with employee goals. Let’s join the conversation!

Episode 6:  Choosing the Right LMS for Your Team

In this episode, we’ll discuss the learning management system, or LMS. What is an LMS, and how does it help an organization track their employees’ learning and performance goals? What features should you look for if you’re considering purchasing one?

Our host Dan Link talks with Brooke Hopkins, LMS Administrator at TQL. Brooke and Dan will share advice on how to choose the right LMS for your budget, your team, and your training content.

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Episode 5: What's Culture Got To Do With It?

In this special extended episode, we’ll take a deep dive into culture, and how it can help or hinder an organization’s purpose, and its success. How do leaders influence culture? And how is culture experienced throughout the organization?

Our host Elisha Hill, Director of Leadership Development at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, talks with Frank Burroughs, Ph.D., founder of Clear on Purpose LLC, and Aubrey Wiete, Talent Management Consultant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. They will discuss how culture impacts the bottom line, and how to better align an organization’s culture to its purpose.

Episode 4: Virtual Development - Myths Busted and Lessons Learned!

In this episode, we’ll talk about virtual learning and development, and what we learned was true (and not true!) about shifting in-person learning to the virtual world. We’ll also discuss best practices for hybrid learning.

Our host, Greg Goold, Founder and Principal Consultant at Arrow Talent Development, talks with Garlene Staton, Content Customer Experience Manager at Cornerstone OnDemand, and Jillian Hintz, Director of Learning and Development at Paycor. They will share the lessons they learned about quickly adapting training programs to their organization’s changing needs.

Episode 3: Accessible eLearning for Everyone

In this episode, we’ll discuss designing e-learning for learners of all abilities, and the laws that govern accessibility. We’ll also explore different types of assistive technology, the tools used for accessible course development, and how to build accessibility awareness among L&D teams and clients.

Our host Katie Schwieter, Freelance Learning Designer at, talks with Robyn Dischar, Instructional Designer at TQL, and Adriane Zonker, e-learning developer at Tier1 Performance. They will provide insight from the learning design and development sides on how to create online training for all learners.

Episode 2: Facilitating an Effective Performance Discussion

Discussion of the do’s and don’ts of performance reviews. How can leaders approach this important opportunity for feedback in a way that promotes growth, productivity and retention in their teams? And how can employees utilize performance review feedback to pursue personal goals and advance their careers?

Our host Dan Link talks with Martin Muff, Senior Vice President at 5/3 Bank, and Nichole Arbino, Communities Program Manager at EDUCAUSE, providing insight from the point of view of a manager and an employee on ways to ensure a positive performance review experience.

Episode 1: Leadership in the New Normal

Exploring leadership in the new normal. With so many businesses adapting to fully remote or a hybrid in-person and virtual workforce, how are leaders staying connected to the needs of their teams? How is leadership meeting the demands of evolving corporate cultures?

Our host Garlene Staton talks to Dan Link, Director of Talent Development at Senneca Holdings and Greg Goold, Founder and Principle Consultant at Arrow Talent Development, share their experiences and best practices.

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