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Chapter News

GCATD Achieved 100% CARE from ATD!

GCATD just received the good news that we once again met all our Chapter goals. What does that mean? This recognition means our chapter met all required elements of CARE in 2023 according to ATD. Thanks to all our Chapter leaders for their hard work.

Read our recognition letter from ATD President & CEO, Tony Bingham here.

Getting too Many Emails?

Thank you all for an amazing 2022. I hope we can continue to connect in 2023 for more moments that matter. Happy New Year!

In one week, GCATD will only send 2 emails, one on Tuesday and one on Friday. There are exceptions with critical news, but we try to limit our communications to those days only.

We realize when there are a lot of emails coming in from so many sources, it's sometimes hard to manage. if you are connected to ATD, you will often receive many more.

Luckily, ATD gives you the flexibility to manage those emails. If you'd like to manage yours, log in to > go to MyATD > Click to Edit Profile > Select Communication Preferences.

You can choose the email updates you wish to receive, allow ATD to manage your emails based on your interests, select weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly emails, remove offers and promotional communications, and more.

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