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Chapter News

GCATD Receives Achievement Recognition from ATD for CARE and CARE+ Requirements

What is CARE? Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) are a set of performance guidelines designed to help chapters deliver consistent benefits to members. CARE consists of elements in six key areas that are necessary for running a chapter like a business: Board of Directors, Communication, Finance, Governance, Membership, and Programming.

Our Chapter successfully met all required CARE elements and is recognized for 100 percent achievement of CARE. Based on our reported CARE Plus responses, our chapter is also recognized as a CARE Plus achieved chapter.

By going above and beyond, ATD recognizes that the value we provide to our members through a well run chapter, programs, services, and exceptional operations is the result of the individual time, resources, innovation, thought, and dedication our volunteer team contributes, was worthy of recognition. Read the congratulatory letter from ATD President and CEO, Tony Bingham.

Getting too Many Emails?

Thank you all for an amazing 2022. I hope we can continue to connect in 2023 for more moments that matter. Happy New Year!

In one week, GCATD will only send 2 emails, one on Tuesday and one on Friday. There are exceptions with critical news, but we try to limit our communications to those days only.

We realize when there are a lot of emails coming in from so many sources, it's sometimes hard to manage. if you are connected to ATD, you will often receive many more.

Luckily, ATD gives you the flexibility to manage those emails. If you'd like to manage yours, log in to > go to MyATD > Click to Edit Profile > Select Communication Preferences.

You can choose the email updates you wish to receive, allow ATD to manage your emails based on your interests, select weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly emails, remove offers and promotional communications, and more.

GCATD on Covid-19

COVID-19 public health related issues are still a serious and continuously evolving situation, and the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Association for Talent Development will continue to follow the directives and requirements from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The GCATD s responding with the health and safety of its community, volunteers, and membership in mind. Because of the rapid spread of omicron and other variants of COVID-19, the GCATD is following the CDC recommendations in requiring optional mask wearing in public indoor settings in geographic areas of substantial or high transmission If you are unvaccinated, we suggest you continue to wear a mask in indoor settings. We will continue to monitor this situation and update our website with any changes.

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