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Plan Your Development Goals - GCATD Needs You! Yes, YOU!

Do you know what your development goals look like for the next year? Next three years? Do you have a plan to meet those goals? Volunteering can be a great way to gain new skills or build on existing skills.

We always need the expertise and helping hands of our volunteers! There are multiple open board and committee positions available for 2023. Please take the time to learn more about these opportunities (see descriptions, right). Your unique skillset could help GCATD while also help you with your professional development. For any immediate questions or questions about open positions, reach out to John Carter at

As there are many opportunities for members to give back to the profession while building valuable skills and developing meaningful relationships, an added perk to becoming a volunteer for GCATD, Board members, Directors, and SIG leaders receive FREE GCATD membership for the year!

Available opportunities include VP of Marketing and Communications, VP of Membership, Director of Marketing, Director of Communications.

Interested in becoming a Chapter volunteer? Click here!

GCATD Board Positions


As the chief executive officer of the chapter, the president is responsible for managing the chapter in accordance with these bylaws and the laws of the State of Ohio. The president presides at, and sets the agenda for, meetings of the Board of Directors, except as noted in Article VII of these bylaws; and oversees the management of the chapter.

President Elect

The president-elect, as the elected successor to the president, is responsible for the annual CARE submission and compliance and for coordinating annual strategic planning, annual planning and budget development. The president-elect shall fill in for the president as necessary.

Past President

The past president shall serve as a consultant to the Board of Directors and shall chair the annual election committee and manage succession planning.

VP of Professional Development

The vice president, professional development shall develop strategies to build leadership and development, relevant and participative, professional development events and opportunities for chapter members.

VP of Membership

The vice president, membership shall develop strategies for member recruitment, retention, recognition and involvement, including an annual membership survey.

Director of Engagement

Oversees the chapter’s volunteer recruiting efforts, manages the matching of volunteers to volunteer opportunities, and guides the chapter’s succession planning efforts to ensure that all volunteer needs are met.

VP of Marketing and Communications

The vice president, marketing and communications shall develop strategies to support internal and external chapter communications and marketing that are aligned with the vision and brand of the national ATD and GCATD.

Director of Communications

Get the word out about GCATD. Increases visibility to business community. Assists with securing sponsors, ads and door prizes for meetings, conference, and workshops. Oversees membership brochure and announcements for meetings, workshops and conference.

Director of Sponsorships

To lead the sponsorship efforts for GCATD. To identify, develop, nurture and build relationships with sponsors and sponsoring organizations for the chapter and chapter events. To coordinate with other chapter leaders on sponsorship needs and opportunities and sign up sponsors to provide income and offset event expenses.

Special Interest Group Conveners

Lead a SIG!

Interested in leading or co-leading one of our existing SIGs (Coaching, Learning Leaders, Learning Technology, Organizational Development) or have an idea of your own? Contact Michelle Lund at

Standing Committees

Membership Committee

Committee members partner with our VP of Membership to develop relevant strategies to support membership recruitment, retention, and engagement efforts. Efforts include leading our New Member Orientations, designing membership promotional materials and connecting with current/prospective members to discuss the value of membership.

Professional Development Committee

Committee members partner with our VP of Professional Development to design and coordinate a variety of learning events and professional development opportunities that meet the diverse needs of our chapter members. In addition to strategically planning topics and learning forums, this group will work to identify credible facilitators who create an engaging learning environment.

Communications/Marketing Committee

Committee members partner with our VP of Communications to develop strategies for creating and maintaining a professional image for GCATD, both internal and external of the Chapter. Plan and coordinate efforts related to communication such as the Chapter website, newsletter, announcements, etc. Efforts will include a variety of communication vehicles such as print, web and social media.

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