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The Association for Talent Development Greater Cincinnati Chapter is an association of professionals dedicated to providing leadership in workplace learning and performance and to offering our members professional growth opportunities that position them on the cutting edge of the industry.

Upcoming events

Getting The Most Out of Your LinkedIn
Breakfast Workshop February 27

Carolyn Dickerson

Finally, a workshop is for any individual who uses LinkedIn – for personal networking, job searches, marketing your business, and much more. In other words, all of us!

Carolyn Dickerson will show us how we can tap into the free, and often unknown, ways to get the most out of LinkedIn. Carolyn's NKY classes consistently have a long waiting list. Bring your laptop or mobile device as we explore the newer LinkedIn mobile app and more.

WHERE: Blue Ocean Facilities - 10250 Alliance Road, Suite 226, Cincinnati, OH 45242


    Blue Ocean Facilities

    Blue Ocean Facilities is a unique offsite meeting space designed to foster a creative environment that inspires productivity. GCATD would like to thank everyone there for their generosity in sponsoring this event.

    Science of Learning and Reinforcement
    Webinar March 26 - FREE for Chapter Members!

    Does training in your organization need a refresh in order to deliver more value to learners and a higher return on development investment to the company? This high-energy webcast will cover the trouble with traditional training, why it no longer works for modern learners and the 3 Rs of Modern Learning that webinar attendees can start to implement to gain measurable effects on training and development ROI.

    Facilitated by Susan Ruhl, current CEO of ICC Inc., an organizational development firm that is leading the way with cutting edge technology and solutions for reaching the modern learner. Susan has successfully led ICC to be named a “Top 100 Women-Owned Company” in 2014, 2016 and 2017. 


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