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GCATD Sponsorship

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Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (GCATD) provides a variety of opportunities for businesses to reach Talent Development professionals from Greater Cincinnati (and beyond), including:

  • Monthly program meetings (average 25-30 attendees)
  • Webinars (average 20-30 attendees)
  • Workshops (average 25 attendees)
  • Networking events (average 30-40 attendees)
  • An annual fall conference (average 190-200 attendees) 

Our sponsorship opportunities are broad and varied. There are 3 major categories with detailed benefits listed here:

  • Chapter Sponsorship 
  • Fall Conference Sponsorship
  • Monthly Program Sponsorship 

Other sponsorship options include:

  • In-kind sponsorship – space for an event, services in lieu of payment, etc.
  • Visibility sponsorship - $50 for your organization’s logo on a slide in the Conference “Welcome” PowerPoint deck.
  • Sponsor of all or part of a networking event – All = $750, partial = some portion of event expenses.
  • Sponsor of Conference Bags ~ $125
  • Sponsor of Conference Gifts ~ $500
  • Keynote sponsor for the Conference - varies
  • Conference Lunch Sponsor (put a business card in a box lunch!) - $3,000
  • Conference Happy Hour / After Party Sponsor - $2,000
  • Conference Massages - $800
  • Tell us what you’d like to sponsor

And of course, all sponsors have the opportunity to interact personally with attendees.

Those are just some of the tangible benefits of GCATD sponsorship. The intangible benefits include supporting the Talent Development community in the tri-state and, through your support, helping individuals, teams, organizations, and businesses improve performance and generate better results.

Visit our Sponsorship Package page for details and pricing.

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Use our Chapter Incentive Program (CHiP) code CH3044 when you shop at the ATD Store. Even on your ATD Membership for a $30 savings when you join or renew with National ATD!

GCATD Mailing Address:
PO Box 141445, Cincinnati, 0H 45250

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