Association of Talent Development - Greater Cincinnati Chapter

Chapter Directors

Committees and Teams

SIG Conveners
Cindy Weingartner (Coaching), Paul Bozik (Organizational Development) and Leah Cridlin, Katie McLain and Jon Ulrich (Learning Leaders)

2019 GCATD Fall Conference Committee
Beth Robinson (Chair), Chris Harrison, Christine Heilig, Yashica Lowe, Russ McMahon, Michele Miller, Lisa Nicholson, Pam Nintrup, Channing Nuñez, Lindy Saner, Cindy Weingartner, Betsy Young, Michelle Zwelling

Professional Development
Marvin DeJean,Travis Nipper, Nina Talley, Sue Schindler, Rochelle Thompson

Jennifer Fishwick, Anna Schumacher

Chris Harrison

Chapter Ambassador
Amy Sparks

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