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Chapter Directors

Committees and Teams

SIG/GIG Conveners
Samantha Essid (Director of SIGs/GIG), Michelle Lund and Dr. Scott Dust (Coaching SIG), Leah Cridlin (Learning Leaders SIG), Lisa Nicholson and Kim Breeze (Learning Technology SIG), Saleemah Green and Margie Swartz (OD SIG) Kim Breeze, Bob Riess, and Jonathan Wilson (Dayton GIG)

2022 GCATD Fall Conference Committee
Michelle Lund (Chair), Karen Bieger, Sue Hart Chapman, Leah Cridlin, Christina Heilig, Amanda Mosteller, Lisa Nicholson, Pam Nintrup, Laurel Sharp, Rochelle Thompson, Ashley Wade, Cindy Weingartner, Betsy Young

Marketing and Communications
Jessie Kinney

Professional Development
Laura Purdy, Rochelle Thompson

Executive Advisory Board
Shawnee Airgood, Andy Dudley, Greg Goold, Dan Link, Patty McClarin, Michele Miller, Beth O'Keefe, Lindy Saner, David Stokes, Mary Tettenhorst, Matthew Thomas

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