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    • 30 Aug 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Note that the date for this webinar is subject to change.

    Krista SkidmoreWhat key trends affect leadership? What trends are affecting leadership in your organization, right now, and what insights will help you achieve your leadership goals? 

    In this informative webinar, we’ll identify six top trends that shape leadership development, and create an action plan to review the state of your leadership practice and begin planning for 2018.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn 6 top trends that should be influencing your leadership development practices
    • Identify the benefits of a leadership maturity model and how to map to your current state
    • Examine the three most important business-driving capabilities that mid-market leaders need to develop.
    About the Facilitator
    Krista Skidmore leads the FlashPoint consulting team to ensure they deliver results to clients with intelligence and integrity. Krista helps to set FlashPoint’s strategy, challenging the status quo to enhance offerings and capabilities.

    Krista is a former President of Central Indiana ATD, and is passionate about listening and empowering clients as co-creators of solutions. Her interest and curiosity fuels her love of travel, where she seeks new experiences in places with diverse cultures, backgrounds, and traditions.

    • 22 Nov 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Note that the date for this webinar is subject to change.

    Ron AshkenasResearch from Bain, McKinsey, IBM and others all suggest that reducing complexity helps organizations perform better than their peers in terms of growth, innovation, and profitability. Making this happen, however, is not just a matter of chance – but instead requires leaders who know how to make simplification an ongoing strategy for business improvement and change.

    The purpose of this webinar is to explore what it means to drive simplification in an organization – and how you can help managers cultivate this skill and gradually turn it into a core capability. The webinar also will give you an opportunity to assess your own tendencies to create complexity, and what you can do about it.

    The webinar will be led by Ron Ashkenas who was part of the consulting team that worked with Jack Welch to reduce complexity at GE, and then at dozens of other organizations around the world. He is the author of Simply Effective: How to Reduce Complexity in Your Organization and Get Things Done (Harvard Business Press), as well as numerous other publications.

    The specific learning objectives for this webinar will be:

    • To define complexity and understand how it impacts business performance and quality of work life;
    • To understand the four primary sources of unnecessary complexity in every organization; and
    • To give you a starting point for developing a personal plan to reduce complexity in your organization, or in collaboration with your clients.

    About the Facilitator
    Ron Ashkenas is an emeritus partner of Schaffer Consulting in Stamford, Connecticut, and the author of the book, Simply Effective: How to Cut Through Complexity in Your Organization and Get Things Done. (Harvard Business Press). 

    He is the co-author of four other books (including The Boundaryless Organization and The GE Work-Out) and author of hundreds of articles, including eight that have appeared in The Harvard Business Review

    Ron currently is working on a Handbook for Emerging Leaders that will be published by the Harvard Business Press in 2018.

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