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Keynote - Jeremy Goebel & Zac Ryland

Excellence in Employee Engagement: Maximizing the Moments that Matter

How do we best support employees in this rapidly changing world? Research shows us that the acquisition, retention, and engagement of employees revolves around their experience. But how do we define that experience? What are the building blocks or units of measurement? What are the key moments that determine whether an employee stays or leaves?

In this keynote, we synthesize what researchers know about the actions we can take, the systems/processes we should build, and the expectations we should have of each other along the journey. You'll leave with insights, actionable next steps, and (hopefully) a bunch of laughs - all while thinking strategically about how we are called to help individuals thrive as talent and learning leaders in the post-pandemic age.

About Jeremy Goebel 
Principal Consultant, TiER1 Performance; Co-Founder, JZ Productions  null

Jeremy GoebelJeremy is a Principal Consultant at TiER1 with a background in Learning & Development. For over 11 years at TiER1 he has played the role of instructional designer, facilitator, solution architect, and engagement manager. He currently serves as the Delivery Director for the TiER1 team dedicated to P&G. In that role he's responsible for overall service delivery, ensuring a consistent and positive experience for both his team and P&G stakeholders. He's passionate about developing leaders, transforming cultures, and having lots of fun along the way. He's a dad to three boys (two of them twins!), a partner to his wife Emily, and a running enthusiast.

About Zac Ryland 
Principal Consultant, TiER1 Performance; Co-Founder, JZ Productions  null

Zac RylandZac brings a blend of experiences as a former educator and from a decade of consulting with large, Fortune 500 clients across a wide range of industries. His career has been focused on experience design methodologies, developing leaders, and driving innovation in organizations. He is a Design Thinking certified facilitator and has expertise in adult learning, all stemming from a foundation in psychology. He most often finds himself lost in a 'flow state' when he has processed a complex challenge well enough to identify key insights to solution against. He loves to hike (shout out to Hocking Hills!), jam to music with the windows down, or engage in the care of houseplants with his wife Katie.

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