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Breakfast Meeting June 2
Create Icebreakers That Sizzle, Not Fizzle!

You may be familiar with the phrase “first impressions count.” Icebreakers are often the first opportunity for learners to see you in action. 

But what happens when an ice breaker fizzles? That abysmal first impression can deflate your confidence and often sets the tone for the rest of the learning experience.

Ice breakers can be an effective way to warm up the audience, start getting people engaged with each other, and perhaps have a little fun. However, a well-designed ice breaker should serve a greater purpose than just getting participants talking.

Our subject matter expert for this session is Kym Yahn from Sinclair Workforce Development. Kym has several years of experience creating and facilitating training programs that sizzle for several well-known companies in our area. Plan now to join us for your opportunity to design ice breakers that sizzle!

This session will once again be at the UD Center for Leadership and facilitated by Bob Riess. A complete breakfast is included in the registration fee.

WHEN: June 2, 2017, 7:45 - 9:30 AM

WHERE: UD Center for Leadership, 1700 S. Patterson Blvd., Dayton, OH 45479

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